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We deliver professional results – in time – every time. We apply our very wide range of expertise, gained through long professional careers in wind industry and research, to the benefit of our customers. We take pride in performing standard tasks quickly and efficiently. We like challenges and will do our very best to bring your “impossible” situations to a happy end. Our philosophy is to apply a healthy combination of good software and the best brainpower.
The technical parts of your draft contracts will be reviewed, changes suggested if required, to provide you with the best possible basis for your negotiations with your suppliers/customers.
The measured power performance of your turbines will be evaluated. If the power curves do not live up to your expectations we will analyze the data and find explanations for the behavior of the turbines.
We analyze your data and suggest layouts, optimized for energy production and reduced loads. Whenever required, we bring in data from other reliable sources to improve your energy prediction.
SCADA data will be analyzed in order to highlight under-performing turbines. Reasons and corrections for the under-performance will be suggested using our long experience in the industry.
Your layout will be evaluated and if necessary amended such that loads are kept within the load envelope of the chosen turbine, while at the same time optimizing the energy output.
We perform training courses for your engineers to bring them up-to-date on wind, turbulence, loads and optimization. The training will be tailored to the existing level of knowledge of the participants.

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We work for you using our vast experience of more than 50 years of practice and theory in research and wind industry. Our capabilities range from fundamental turbulence research over wave modelling to wind resource analysis from many hundreds of sites as well as field measurements of wind, waves and loads.




COO, Dipl.-Ing., MSc

Global Expertise

With an involvement in several GW wind energy projects Wind Solutions has an outstanding global experience. Click on the globe to learn more.
Wind Solutions

Our Clients

Sauer Roldskov Advokatfirma I/S, Denmark

Marubeni Europower Ltd., UK

Société SIIF énergies, France

CALLIS Energetika Vagyonkezelő Rt., Hungary

UNDP Kazakhstan

Renewable Power Company, Belgium

WindMagics, China

IberNordic ApS, Denmark

re-consult Ltd., Turkey


"Wiebke added the value that often made the difference for our customers. With her profound knowledge of the wind resource and the wind industry in general, Wiebke was able to explain even highly complex contexts in a way, that one could really understand. .." Dirk Oehlmann, Asset Management Analyst, IWB

"I found the course to be very exiting indeed and it gave me a much better understanding of what to look for, when we do our wind data analysis and today I feel better equipped for the talks with our partners and customers on wind and site subjects." Thomas Dyhr, Technical Project Manager, Windar Photonics

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Husum Wind, 15-18. September 2015
EWEA 2015 Paris, 17-20. November 2015

Recent Publications

EWEA Wind Resource Assessment 2015 Technology Workshop, Helsinki: LT Correction: Facts and Fiction
VGB PowerTech 6/2014: Increased Energy Production by Optimisation of Yaw Control
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